Meet the Team

Our Story and Roadmap

At a time when cryptocurrency is booming and the gaming industry is ever expanding we have combined the two together to form GameCrazy. A complete ecosystem with the launch of our own token, marketplace, game projects and collaborations, we are pushing the limits of the retail gaming space.

Our team has over 50 years of retail, management, and gaming experience.

For a Software company to succeed there are three pillars of success.
1. Retail experience and foresight – knowing how to deliver the product, the right price, the target market etc.
2. Management – managing a team and a company for success, meeting deadlines, coming within budget, delivering a product that meets our customers expectations.
3. Gaming experience – Not just playing the games, but building them as well. We make games we love to play.

Prior to starting the company, we looked at the issues with these large game developers….
One game after another, bugs galore, all for a quick buck. Pushing games out the door without being fully tested, not listening to their own consumers, just caring about the $$$ for their shareholders.
Once upon a time – a game developer would withhold a game release until it was 100% done — even if that delay meant 6+ months. “Expansions” also used to be free additional content to keep customers happy and focused on the product until a sequel or better was completed. What a deal!

We miss those days, and we think you do too.

Our games won’t be released until they are finished. Period.
Microtransactions? What’s that?
Unfinished game but sell it anyway and release “expansions” for a fee when they are just what should of been delivered in the first place with the original game? Yeah… Not us!

We’ll deliver quality games without sacrificing our integrity to do so. This is what GameCrazy is all about.

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